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Admissions OPEN. For Classes VI-IX Matric System, Call us at 0213-4554626
Admission Test on 13th January 2018
Interview of successful candidates with parents

Our Philosophy

Look at the reward of anguish and toil.

Our philosophy is directed towards the students specifically and it reminds them of the recompenses.

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Welcome By Chairman

Meritorious Schools Network has produced countless pearls in the form of Meritorious students. Our cutting-edge faculty and hardworking Meritorious students are making this school a happy place for learning and nurturing.

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Student Blog

The best thing about my school is its discipline. When we learn to follow rules in school then we also become disciplined in our life. I am also happy to say that our teachers are very friendly and their way of explanation is also effective…

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Why Meritorious?

The life at Meritorious KV offers a rich selection of extracurricular activities designed to enhance students’ all round development. From music to sports, there’s something of interest for everyone.

Campus Hours

All the campuses are open from 09:00 am – 03:00 pm.


Hali Road Campus

144-B, Block II, PECHS, Karachi.


Email: md@meritorious.ae, coordinator@meritorious.ae, manager@meritorious.ae


Admissions Open

Classes VI-IX Matric System

A) Admission Test

B) Interview of successful candidates with parents

Call us 0213-4554626 or 0348-111-3333

Admission Requirements

Click here to visit the detailed requirements for admissions


Spellathon (Grade I – III) During Fun Week

The Spellathon for grades 1-3 was held for Meritorious students where the kids proved their expertise in linguistic skills.

P.T.M (Grade I – III)

Parent Teachers Meeting will be held for Grades 1-3 in the third week of November. The parents will be both notified on their child’s progress.