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Hali Road caters to the Matric pathway and merges academic theory and practical experiences. Our highly qualified and experienced staff strives to enforce and implement the highest standards. We believe in quality academics alongside focusing on developing traits such as integrity, resourcefulness, initiative taking, confidence, problem solving and decision making.

We ensure, through activity based learning, that students take active interest and enjoy their lessons. Various mediums are used to disseminate information along with a variety of teaching aids. Practical experiences are gained through educational trips and specimen study.

The syllabus followed from Class IV to VIII is according to O-Level standards, our aim being skill development. Great emphasis is placed upon the teaching of English Language and both written expression and verbal communication are an integral part of the curriculum.

Our teachers prepare high quality content and lay out necessary information, based on the Matric board pattern, in the form of notes for Classes IX and X. The explanation, learning and testing cycle is repeated several times during the academic year to thoroughly prepare students for the board examinations. A fully equipped laboratory compliments the theory teaching. All required specimens and other material are well maintained in the laboratories and students are taught how to apply acquired concepts through performance of practicals.